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Hello there, my name is Lucy. Stellar spirit mage Fairy Tail and former heiress of the Heartphilias. Happy to serve you!
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This is what greeted me when I came home. OMG Ces aylabyu.

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“Gajeel huh? Sorry but no, have you tried asking Levy? I’m pretty sure that girl knows where he is.”


“Juvia didn’t think of that. She noticed that Gajeel-kun seems to be spending more time with Levy.”

"See? And believe me, we’re not the only people who noticed the two together."

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Apr 25th | 6



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“Juvia, hi. What brings you here?”


“Juvia was looking for Gajeel-kun. Has Lucy seen him?”

"Gajeel huh? Sorry but no, have you tried asking Levy? I’m pretty sure that girl knows where he is."

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"Juvia, hi. What brings you here?"

Apr 20th
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Travelling on Foot


Laxus walked outside his room with lucy to the receptionist for another bed. The walk is pretty fast because the distance between their room to receptionist pretty short especially with his long legs. When asking for spare, the receptionist give him a shot wondering why would he need another bed because she thought the couple might enjoy with one futon. But laxus ignored the look on the woman face and asked her again for a spare. She finally snapped and apologize to laxus and said that they will put the bed on their room.

Laxus nodded and walked back to their room. He entered their room watching lucy who talked to herself while holding the robes back to the cabinet. “Why put that back?” He asked while closing the door. “Ow” his lips make a perfect O shape “okay” he walked to the futon and resting his back “They promised to bring the spare so I walked back.” He told lucy while closing his eyes waiting her to changed.

“I think I do have a broken back after carrying you to this place lucy” he want to tease her after heard her previous words about his back. He took another long breath before waking up from the futon and took another robe for himself “I wonder, did they have a mix bath or the woman and men have different place?” he asked lucy once she done changed. The inn staff knocked the door and said that he bring the spare for them. “See they come with another bed!” he walked to the door and opened it to receive the spare. “Where you want me to place this?” he asked once he closed the door.

"Ha-ha-ha," Lucy laughed dryly as Laxus. "I already told you to put me down but you still went on with carrying me until we reached this spring. Blame yourself if you’re going to complain about your back pains." She stuck her tongue at him. Soon enough, a knock came to the door and an attendant was standing outside with the futon they requested.

"Anywhere as long as you sleep in it." Lucy said dryly as she fixed her loose robe. The heat had been unbearable when they walked and now that they were in an inn, with a bath as well, she figured that maybe a long soak in the waters might cool her down —and finally push away all the heat in her body. And release the stress in her muscles. Holy Mavis was her body stressed from all those walking they’ve done. The blonde couldn’t blame Laxus for obvious reasons; it was just in his nature to be sick in vehicles. But still, it didn’t erase the fact that she was tired.

When all was done, Lucy stepped out of the room and walked towards the bath. Thankfully, they had separate baths for men and women so she had no problem stripping down and jumping loudly into the spring.

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Apr 15th

outofjewels; I just realized that I’ve been gone for about a week. I blame it on my delayed exam results, my family’s trip to Baguio, and Skylar Astin.

Apr 15
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Apr 15th | 58


“It’s nothi-” That was a lie. It was something that had always ran through his head when he thought about his old friends. “Forgive me.” he recomposed himself, although he did continue to watch his reflection. “I reminded myself about a few old friends of mine by mistake. After everything that has happened, I hope they can forgive me— assuming that is even a possibility.” His voice was quiet, not exactly wanting anybody to hear him. It wasn’t that he thought anything would be held against him, but what had happened to those past relationships was a saddening thought. Speaking of it did allow him to vent and feel slighty better.

To be honest, Lucy actually forgot that Jellal was a fugitive. Maybe it’s because they’ve gone deeper in their conversation for the past hours that they’ve talked to each other that that particular fact failed to resurface. She gave an invisible shrug, whatever the reason was, she forgot he was hiding from the council. Period. That aside, what he said did had her thinking as well. She was naturally a forgiving person so all that Jellal did in the past was all over for her. Ultear was technically the one controlling him but since she’d also forgiven the time mage, then everything was alright. But these words weren’t easy to say to him. People think differently. And it was because of this that Lucy completely understood what the man was thinking. Cautiously, she placed her free hand on his shoulder and gave it a light pat. “We can’t please all people Jellal. Some are just born to hate us, to disagree with us …” she paused to breathe, “Placating whatever negative feelings they have for us is by no way simple so let’s just focus on those people who, no matter what we do, will still accept us for who we are. You have them, you have Fairy Tail. We’re as good as a family for you guys.”

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Apr 8th | 531

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Apr 8th

outofjewels; Okay babbus, I’m out.

Apr 8
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